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What makes SkinCeuticals’ products unique?

What makes SkinCeuticals’ formulas unique?

If you’re new to using SkinCeuticals, or are considering investing in our product range, you’re probably wondering what makes our formulas unique. From our ground-breaking research, to our stringent testing processes, here’s everything you need to know about what makes SkinCeuticals a leader in the skincare industry.

Prevent. Correct. Protect. is Born

At SkinCeuticals, our mission has always been to improve skin health and become a leader within the skincare industry. We have achieved this with ground-breaking research and innovation that’s backed by science and upholds our three-pillar philosophy: Prevent, Protect and Correct. Together, each of these pillars ensures that our products deliver and maintain healthier-looking skin and effective anti-ageing results.

The origins of integrated skincare

SkinCeuticals partners with physicians to offer skincare products in their clinics, and we offer a full professional back-bar product line exclusively for in-clinic treatments by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skincare professionals. This allows our consumers to enjoy our products in the comfort of their home, and in a professional clinic when they require a more intensive treatment such as a chemical peel.

The turning point in antioxidant research

SkinCeuticals’ Founder Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, M.D made one of our most important discoveries in skin health through his pivotal research on topical Vitamin C serums. This allowed SkinCeuticals to create an entirely new skincare category, including our best-selling CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF serums that help to protect the skin from free-radical damage. Dr. Pinnell’s research was fundamental in establishing SkinCeuticals as the antioxidant authority.

Why SkinCeuticals can always be trusted

SkinCeuticals’ formulations are researched to high dermatological standards and are overseen by dermatologists. We also often perform biomarker studies to help us assess a final formulation’s action within the skin, as well as evaluate a products efficacy on people under normal conditions of use. This means that the results of our clinical studies translate exactly to how our products perform when used in the real world, on real people.

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