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top 5 anti ageing

Top 5 Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Treatments

Dr Stefanie Williams is a leading dermatologist and the Medical Director of Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing in Central London, one of the country’s very few ‘fusion’ clinics offering both medical and cosmetic dermatology. Here, she tells us what the top treatments for ageing skin offered at Eudelo are currently.
A Definitive Guide To Dermal Fillers

What is photo ageing in skin?

Throughout our lives we are exposed to sunlight and ultra-violet light which is responsible for 90% of the visible changes we see in our skin as we get older. In fact, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are all a cumulative effect of photo ageing rather than just our age. So how you can prevent signs of photo-ageing and even stop it from developing in the first place?
The importance of regular facials

The Importance Of Regular Facials

When it comes to skin health, regular facials are a must to support skin’s natural renewal process and reveal a healthy looking, fresh appearance. Find out which ones will work best for you.
chemical peels

What is a chemical peel?

Incredibly, Queen Cleopatra was one of the first advocates of chemical peels and used goat’s milk (lactic acid) to achieve softer skin. Since then chemical peels have become one of the top 10 most commonly performed aesthetic procedures in the world, thanks to their versatility and ability to enhance the results of skincare regimens, as well as tackling more significant skincare concerns such as balancing pigmentation, treating photodamage, acne scarring, wrinkles and dullness.

Chemical peels are a passion topic for Dr Uliana Gout – a cosmetic doctor and one of the UK’s leading experts on this area of aesthetic medicine. Dr Gout is a Board Member of the International Peeling Society and here, she gives an in-depth summary of two key professional peel treatments from the SkinCeuticals portfolio.
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