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Sensitive Skin


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  1. Phyto Corrective


    Phyto Corrective

    Hydrating and soothing gel serum with botanical ingredients which calms the skin.

  2. Sensitive Skin System - Save £55
    Sensitive Skin System - Save £55

    A four-step regimen designed to soothe skin; reduce visible skin redness; and restore loss of hydration.

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    To £196.56 Regular Price £252.00

  3. Phloretin CF Gel


    Phloretin CF Gel

    A vitamin C serum-in-a-gel daytime antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage and diminishes the appearance of discolouration and improves skin tone and texture.

  4. Phyto Corrective Masque


    Phyto Corrective Masque

    Calming botanical mask rehydrates and soothes temporarily reactive skin.

  5. Resveratrol B E


    Resveratrol B E

    Supports skin’s natural antioxidant defenses and reveals visible radiance and firmness.

  6. Sheer Mineral UV Defense


    Sheer Mineral UV Defense

    100% mineral transparent fluid leaves a weightless and matte finish.

  7. Serum 10


    Serum 10

    Helps prevent free radical damage and promotes a radiant; healthier-looking complexion.

  8. Equalizing Toner
    Equalizing Toner

    Balances and refreshes the skin while exfoliating dead skin cells for a softer skin.

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  9. Gentle Cleanser
    Gentle Cleanser

    Hydrates and comforts dry and tight skin while smoothing rough surface texture.

  10. Mineral Radiance UV Defense


    Mineral Radiance UV Defense

    100% mineral; ultrasheer fluid protects and enhances skin’s radiance.

  11. Advanced Pigment Corrector


    Advanced Pigment Corrector

    Lightweight lotion which evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of skin discolouration.

  12. Epidermal Repair
    Epidermal Repair

    Therapeutic skin repair cream relieves and soothes fragile compromised or sensitive skin.


Showing 1-12 of 20