SkinCeuticals Stories | Sebina Hussain

SkinCeuticals Stories | Sebina Hussain
SkinCeuticals Stories | Sebina Hussain

Q&A with Sebina Hussain


Which products are in your SkinCeuticals Edit? 

"Gentle Cleanser, C E Ferulic, Epidermal Repair, A.G.E Eye Complex & Advanced Brightening UV Defense."


What skin type/ skincare concerns do you have?

"I have combination skin so its a mixture of oily and dry, its not hugely sensitive which is great as it means I can test out different products and normally I don’t tend to react to anything. My biggest concern is always environmental factors and how they’re impacting my skin - stress, lack of sleep and pollution being the main ones! Thats why its important to me to always clean it very thoroughly and use products that give it the protection it needs."


How did you discover SkinCeuticals?

"I went for a Hydrafacial about 3 years ago, and after the treatment, the therapist provided me with a few Skinceuticals mini products as part of my aftercare. I was so impressed with how they left my skin feeling that I knew I had to learn more."


Tell us about your skincare journey and why skincare is important to you?

"I have always been obsessed with Make-Up but never really gave skincare a second thought - until I had my son! Suddenly, being time-strapped coupled with sleepless nights, stress and a change of hormones I realised how important it is to have skin you feel confident in. I set out on a journey to learn more about different products, build up a good routine and get my skin looking as good as I could. It's so important that we invest in our skin, that we take care of it, its something we will always have and when our skin looks good, it gives us the confidence to do better and be better!"


What’s the best skincare advice you’ve ever had?

"That's a tough one as I’ve learned so much over the last couple of years, but the advice that I would want to share is to always double cleanse and to always use an SPF!"


Gentle Cleanser

"I love using this morning and night, aside from smelling wonderful my skin always feels super clean and refreshed after."

C E Ferulic

"I have been using this for nearly a year now, a small drop every morning as part of my daily skincare routine - I feel more confident throughout the day knowing my skin is protected with this."

Epidermal Repair

"From time to time, my under eye area can become extra sensitive; during these times, the skin becomes red and bumpy and sometimes cracks. The Epidermal Repair is my go to product when this happens, it soothes and relieves the skin and has it looking normal within again with a day or two!"

A.G.E Eye Complex

"This is my go-to when my skin feels a little sensitive. It has beautiful natural botanical ingredients and is super hydrating and soothing on my skin. It’s completely oil-free and is such a great serum to have to hand to (very quickly) calm my skin and even the skin tone."

Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF50

"When I was pregnant with my first son, little freckles along my cheeks appeared. My dermatologist pointed out that it was sun damage so I’m using this to protect but also correct existing damage."

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