SkinCeuticals Stories | Peony Lim

SkinCeuticals Stories | Peony Lim
SkinCeuticals Stories | Peony Lim

Q&A with Peony Lim


Which products are in your SkinCeuticals Edit? 

"C E Ferulic, H.A. Intensifier, Hydrating B5, Redness Neutralizer & Brightening UV Defense."


What skin type/ skincare concerns do you have?

"Normal to dry with a tendency to sensitivity. Hormonal breakouts."


Why these products?

"Some I have been using for years (recommended by a dermatologist for me), others I have discovered later and found to be the in category."


Tell us about your skincare journey and why skincare is important to you?

"I have broadly had good skin all my life, until about 6 years ago when I suddenly experienced a lot more breakouts, dry patches and sensitivity. Having always had good skin I was shocked and upset by the dramatic change. I went to a dermatologist when I realised it wasn't going to go away on its own. She recommended that I stop using all the products I had till then and stripped back my skincare to Skinceuticals only. I did and my skin recovered! I then slowly reintroduced new brands and products but it left me with a great belief in the brand and I haven't had issues since. When I was pregnant I had all sorts of hormonal changes to my skin but I trusted the B5 serum as simple and effective everyday."


How did you discover SkinCeuticals?

"Through a Dermatologist."


What’s the best skincare advice you’ve ever had?

"What you put in is what you get out. Food, water, lifestyle choices and skincare. They all add up to your skin." 


C E Ferulic

"A key product for me everyday, this is my main dose of antioxidants. I use this product every single day, always in the morning to protect my skin from free radicals and the damaging and premature ageing they create. Like SPF I treat this product as an essential preventive measure, that will help protect my skin and maintain it. I think like many people I see this product as the best in category, it's moisturising and has an unusual fragrance that after sometime you find reassuring. I associate the scent with efficacy now! Like so much of skincare it's about stopping the damage and ageing before it happens, this is one of the key products that does that for me."

H.A. Intesifier

"I love this product as a first step. I feel that it has two main benefits I have seen in my skin, I love that it primes my skin for my other serums, adding hydration but without too much slip and it absorbs quickly. In addition, over time using this product I have seen my skins natural tendency to dryness improve and a general improvement in the texture of my skin, which appears smoother and plumper all over. I find the addition of this product to my routine has really boosted the hydration I can get into my skin - which I am always looking for."

Hydrating B5

"This is an essential step in my skincare routine always! I think of it as the foundation of my serums. I feel like my skin is noticeably tighter and dryer if I remove it from my routine. I often use it both in the morning and evening as a 1st or 2nd step. For it its pure hydration and soothing for my skin. Simple but absolutely key. Like a glass of water for my skin."

Redness Neutralizer

"This is the first product I discovered from the brand. I love this cream. You only need to use a small about, like the size of a large pea or around three pumps from the bottle, but its incredible. I think of it as my safest moisturiser. If I have had any reactions or sensitivity I turn to this product (although it also works really well as an everyday moisturiser). I know it is not only completely safe for my skin (even at its worse) but also will help to treat the problem. It really helps to soothe and comfort the skin, so that it heals and recovers. I use it as my moisturiser step both AM and PM if needed."

Brightening UV Defense

"I’m loving using the Brightening UV Defense SPF 30, I love this one as it doesn’t leave a white tint to my skin. Having a slightly darker skin tone, I hate SPF’s that leave a sheen on the skin as it can leave my complexion looking chalky. It’s not too moisturising or mattifying so it’s perfect if I’m not wearing makeup but also works really well as a base. It’s vital to apply SPF as the last stage of your morning skincare routine to protect your skin from damage."

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