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How to combat ageing skin and blemishes on your face

While you may see blemishes and ageing signs as two very different skin concerns, they may be more related than you think. In fact, both can be addressed simultaneously with SkinCeuticals’ targeted Blemish + Age products. Here we reveal the causes and treatments for blemish-prone and ageing skin.

17 Sep 2020
The Importance Of Sleep For Our Skin

The Importance Of Sleep For Our Skin

Life is busy. There are plenty of things to keep our days and nights occupied, and often not enough hours in the day to complete our to-do lists, regardless of what is on them. But have you considered the importance of the hours in the night, when your body also has a long to-do list? How do you feel about sleep? What impact does it have on you, internally and externally?

lip wrinkles

Double Defense Q & A with Dr Jonquille

Antioxidants and SPF are essential for skin protection. Click to find out how SkinCeuticals products, such as Phloretin CF and CE Ferulic, can help protect your skin now!


How to manage ageing skin

Skin ageing is caused by two main processes; intrinsic, or chronological (natural), and extrinsic, or environmental (atmospheric), they both contribute to the visible signs you may see on your skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and discolouration. The process of skin ageing is inevitable, but understanding how and why it happens can help you manage the signs of skin ageing more effectively and help you better select an anti-ageing cream or serum and other anti-ageing solutions to improve skin’s overall health and appearance.


Understanding Dry Skin

Dry skin is generally an inherited skin condition and is most often recognised by scaling, itching and flaking. Dry skin usually occurs because the outer layer of the skin does not contain enough oil to hold in moisture. Harsh environmental conditions like cold weather or heat can exacerbate symptoms.


Bridal Skincare Tips by Dr Anjali Mahto

Radiance is what defines a bride. But it’s not just about being happy or having a great make-up artist. It’s about having fabulous skincare too. And for that, leading dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto, author of the Skin Care Bible, says you need to start at least six months before your big day. Here she talks to us about what you need to do to achieve radiant skin - and advises on what not to do. By Dr Anjali Mahto

extrinsic ageing

What Is Extrinsic Ageing?

Skin ageing is an area of importance, not only because it is the most obvious sign of the ageing process, but also because it represents a visual indication for one’s overall health. Ageing of the skin, though, is not solely dependent on ‘age’, for example your skin age can differ considerably to your actual age and this is because there are several other factors which contribute to skin ageing. These factors fall into either intrinsic or extrinsic categories1. Extrinsic ageing is a result of lifestyle and environmental factors. Intrinsic ageing on the other hand is a genetically determined, naturally occurring process.

ageing skin

Understanding Ageing Skin

Skin ages just as the rest of the body does. But, while there are some elements of the skin ageing process that cannot be prevented, there are ways to slow the appearance of ageing with care and attention.

how to choose face moisturiser

How To Choose Your Face Moisturiser

A face moisturiser helps to prevent dryness and moisture loss in skin. A properly formulated moisturiser can deliver long-lasting hydration to help support skin’s natural barrier for protection against external aggressors. It is also an important step in prepping skin for makeup application. Face moisturisers are available in the form of serums, creams and facial masks.

anti ageing routine

Anti-ageing routine for every life stage

Throughout life our skin changes which is why you should change your skincare routine as you age. While it’s all about prevention in your twenties, you may find you have more concerns, such as lines and wrinkles, in your fifties. So, to help you get started, we’ve put together our recommended routine for every life stage to help your skin look its best – no matter your age.

ask a dermatologist

Ask a dermatologist: Skincare advice and FAQs

We recently held a live Skin Schools chat via our Skinceuticals Instagram page to answer some of your most pressing skincare questions. From how to calm angry, red skin, to which cleanser to use to improve blemishes, here’s a selection of some of the most common questions from the live Q&A.

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