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Personalised skincare with D.O.S.E. technology

Personalised skincare with D.O.S.E. technology

Technology in beauty and skincare Learn how D.O.S.E technology is helping to enhance the results of professional in-clinic treatments.

Over the past few years, innovations in technology have allowed for some really exciting new launches in the skincare world. From electrical tools that enhance cleansing routines, to AI technology that can identify your skin’s needs in just one click, we’ve never had so much beauty expertise at our fingertips.

But at SkinCeuticals, we believe that visiting a professional is the most effective way of achieving the very best results for your skin. That’s why our scientists have been committed to enhancing the in-clinic experience with personalised serums. The result? A skin-correction programme referred to as Custom  D.O.S.E technology. Learn more about this cutting-edge technology and how it’s helping to answer our customers’ unique needs with just a click of a button.

What is D.O.S.E technology?

At SkinCeuticals, we wanted to create something that would help skincare professionals in clinics and spas. So, after analysing over 250 skin types, we launched Custom D.O.S.E technology: a skin correction programme that allows skincare  professionals to create tailormade serums for their clients- all from the comfort of a clinic.

“D•O•S•E  technology empowers skincare professionals to co-create personalised formulas that address patients’ unique skincare needs in minutes,” explains Leslie Harris, Global  General  Manager of SkinCeuticals.  “We’ve created a better ecosystem for them to offer  enhanced experiences for their patients using technology to address specific skin concerns.”

How does it work?

Clients simply begin by discussing  their needs and concerns with their skincare professional. They’ll then undergo a diagnostic test that assesses the specific characteristics of their individual skin type. A skincare professional can then create a serum that’s matched exactly to their needs and addresses more than one concern at once – from a loss of elasticity, to fine lines, and discolouration. The clients then given a plan and regime to follow at home that contains the corrective D.O.S.E serum. This can be adjusted throughout the year according to season, planned aesthetic procedures and how their skin responds to the serum.

What ingredients are used within D.O.S.E technology?

The Custom  D.O.S.E programme can create dozens of unique ingredient combinations that are formulated with potent active ingredients – each proven to be effective on a range of skin types and tones. The machine starts by creating each individual serum with a simple hydro base or light milky emulsion base, before adding suitable active ingredients. The potency will vary according to the individual prescription, and the final serum can be mixed and ready in just a few minutes.

How can I find a clinic that offers D.O.S.E technology?

There are currently eight clinics across the UK that offer our unique D.O.S.E technology. Find your nearest clinic at and try it out for yourself.

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