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Sensitive Skin

Vitamin C Serum For Sensitive Skin

5 products

  1. C E Ferulic


    C E Ferulic

    A vitamin C serum that helps prevent free radical damage and improves the appearance of fine lines; wrinkles and loss of firmness.

  2. Resveratrol B E


    Resveratrol B E

    Supports skin’s natural antioxidant defenses and reveals visible radiance and firmness.

  3. Sensitive Skin System - Save £55
    Sensitive Skin System - Save £55

    A four-step regimen designed to soothe skin; reduce visible skin redness; and restore loss of hydration.

    From £28.86 Regular Price £37.00

    To £196.56 Regular Price £252.00

  4. AOX+ Eye Gel


    AOX+ Eye Gel

    Helps prevent free radical damage and reduces the appearance of visible signs of ageing around the eye.

  5. Serum 10


    Serum 10

    Helps prevent free radical damage and promotes a radiant; healthier-looking complexion.


5 products